Top-of-The-line Equipment

Our Location

CLICK FOR FULL MAP 345 Barnstable Road
TJ Maxx Shopping Plaza
Barnstable Road & Route 28 / Iyanough Road
Hyannis, MA 02601

Shop at TJ Maxx, Ocean State Job Lot and more while your clothes wash and dry. Drive right up to the front door and unload your laundry then park.

Top-of-The-line EquipmentTop-of-the-Line

Our Facilities


Our machines only wash with FRESH WATER! Not recycled water.
Super Clean, Bright and Safe

Go Green

  • Commercial laundry equipment saves water, energy & time!
  • Airport Laundromat Hyannis features high-efficiency, environmentally-conscious, commercial grade equipment.
  • Our front load washers use less water, get clothes cleaner and remove more water which reduces drying time by up to 50%. This saves you time and money and reduces wear on your clothing.
5 - 60LB Dexter Washers
4 - 50LB Dexter Washers
6 - 25LB Maytag Washers
9 - 18LB Maytag Top Load Washers
4 - 50LB Maytag Dryers
32 - 30LB Maytag Dryers
6 - Custom Folding tables
8 - Laundry Carts to make things easier for our customers
10 - Choices of Detergent and Fabric Softener Dispenser
Large and Medium Laundry Bag Dispensers

What makes the Airport Laundromat Hyannis better?


  • Clean, comfortable atmosphere
  • Environmentally-conscious equipment
  • Extra-large capacity front load washers (from 20-60 pounds!)
  • Experts in residential and commercial laundry.Hot, efficient large capacity dryers
  • 24 hour video surveillance
  • Laundry product sales

Why are Airport Laundromat Hyannis high-efficiency, front load washers better for me?


  • Great for your clothes. They get your clothes cleaner, yet cause less wear and tear on your fabric – saving you replacement costs.
  • Great for your wallet. They extract more water from your clothes so that less drying time is needed – saving you money.
  • Great for your schedule. A typical wash cycle takes only 25 minutes – saving you time.
  • Great for the environment. They use up to 50% less water than top-load washers – saving a valuable natural resource.

Who should use our Self-Service Laundry?


  • Doesn’t have convenient access to a washer and dryer
  • Needs extra-large machines for things like blankets, comforters, rugs, sleeping bags, etc.
  • Is on vacation, in Hyannis Cape Cod, with kids and suitcases full of dirty clothes
  • Wants to get all the laundry done as fast as possible and get back to Craigville Beach
  • Just want to come to the best laundromat in Hyannis, Centerville, Yarmouth, Sandwich, Chatham, Provincetown or anyplace on Cape Cod.

A Bit About Us

The Airport Laundromat Hyannis opened its doors in May 1997. We have been proudly servicing Barnstable County, including Hyannis, Yarmouth, Centeville all the way down to Provincetown for the past 15 years. We pride ourselves in having the Cleanest, Neatest and Safest feeling store. We’re constantly upgrading our equipment to provide our customers with State-of-the-Art and environmentally “GREEN” washing and drying experience. Our location which is next to TJ Maxx, Ocean State Job Lot, Staples and Play it Again Sports adds another level of convenience for our customers.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“The best laundromat on the Cape!”

“I love this place! It’s always super clean and the machines actually work, unlike some other laundromats in town.”

“It’s so convenient because I can shop at T.J. Maxx while my clothes clean.”

“I wouldn’t go anywhere else. They use FRESH WATER not recycled water like other places on the Cape”

“As a woman, I feel safe there. The store is bright, has lots of windows and because it’s in a shopping center, there are lots of people around. It also has video surveillance cameras so I’m not worried about leaving my clothes while I shop.”

“I wouldn’t go anywhere else. The equipment always work.”

“The manager, Jack, tells me they inspect and sanitize the washers regularly. That’s good to know.”

“I come from Provincetown every week just to do my laundry at the Airport Laundromat.”